Earthquake Relief Fund

Last Updated: May 20, 2015 03:05pm




 Appeal to the general public

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal early on Saturday, centered 10 miles below the surface leveling buildings throughout the country and triggering deadly avalanches on Mount Everest. The Nepalese government placed the preliminary death toll of the quake more than 4500, but the final number is expected to climb significantly higher.

Historic buildings and temples including many UNESCO Heritage sites were destroyed leaving massive piles of debris in streets as rescue workers and neighbors work to find and help injured. Rescuers are digging through the rubble of collapsed buildings in the capital and many other effected areas trying to reach survivors, as thousands are spending the night outside as darkness fell.

The destruction is everywhere and it is still hard for emergency responders to reach many injured people at this point. Given the widespread devastation it has caused, significant aid and relief assistance is needed to reach victims to assist in providing immediate relief and to rebuild destroyed infrastructure.

Establishing a new charity is hard enough, but in a crisis, the odds of succeeding are slim to none. With that in mind, Nepalese Society, Texas (501-C, a nonprofit organization) has launched a rapid response to ensure food, water, medicine and volunteer reaches those in need. It has already formed a  special committee partnered with local volunteer organizations, student organizations and individuals to ensure the donation received are delivered through the major humanitarian relief organization on the ground.

We urge individuals and various organizations to donate aid via Nepalese Society, Texas to cope with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. 

Thank you for keeping all of the victims in your prayers. We would also like to thank media partners, various social media sites and many other concerned citizens who are spreading the message to various communities.



Bhuwan Acharya
Nepalese Society, Texas/Nepal Earthquake Relief Committee
2016 W. Grauwyler Rd, Irving, TX, 75061
Ph:   972-986-7777
E-Mail: admin@ournst.org



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