Public Private Partnership (P3) Program

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2015 08:30am

Public Private Partnership (P3) Program 


In an aim to rebuild our motherland, in the aftermath of devastating Earthquake of 7.8 Rec Scale on Saturday, April 24t h, NST Executive Committee decided to utilize the fund collected in the account Earthquake Victim Fund 2015. After careful analysis of various aspects and to create a legacy of NST for our nation, the finance committee made by NST unanimously passed to build schools in various earthquake affected area. Furthermore, to maximize the fund and the public participation, the 8th executive committee of NST establishes the Public Private Partnership Program (P3).

NST asks for written proposals from Nepali diaspora residing in USA in written format, the notice of this motion will make public through its media resources. The interested private party (person, group of people or social organization) has to provide written proposal to P3 committee. The proposal will be accepted in first come first serve basis.  

The interested private party in its proposal, should mention the name of the school, its description including its complete address and estimated budget required to rebuild. Furthermore, the party should be agreed to deposit $15K in NST account if it wants to match the fund. NST will not be able to match the fund if private party deposits more than 15k in its account.

Download the detail info on P3

Proposals to be sent to:

Finance Committee Earthquake

Relief fund




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