President's Desk

Dear All,

The Nepalese Society, Texas stands at a historic moment- a time of unlimited opportunity, absolute optimism, and infinite possibility. As a new President, I share a passion for my extraordinary society and the great journey we are taking together. I would like to congratulate our newly elected committee, sincere thanks to our departing officials and my heartfelt gratitude to volunteers. I am also thankful to our great founders who have given us a platform to inherit our cultural heritage, preserve it now and pass it on for the benefit of our future generation. Their service to our society is deeply appreciated.

We have taken a significant leap forward and expanded the Society's impact at an unprecedented rate in these 15 years. While we have achieved a lot, there is much more to do as we march toward our definitive goals.  With a great power to choose, you have chosen me to lead and serve the society. Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in my abilities. I know it is a significant commitment, but I am prepared to contribute along with the newly elected committee to build upon the successes of the past and to fulfill the committee’s new mission to support, promote and protect your interests to wider community. However, the phenomenon of the greatest society is a rhythm and a movement that follows a very positive and continual change. The only way to make significant impact of the change is to partake together and move forward with it. I am very hopeful that I will find you by my side throughout this journey.

During my tenure, promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnership among people, leaders and institutions of North Texas will take priority. To create a better shared future, our team will be focused on exploring new opportunities in the field of culture, education, business and policy while addressing current challenges. We have envisioned various programs and activities that will stimulate a transparent institute, sustainable organization and dependable society.

Finally, I would like to see that Nepalese Society, Texas has a profound presence among the peer organizations, local and state government that allows us to have an enormous access to various resources to the children and the people of our society.  I will ensure that your voices will be heard, ideas will be received and the impact of your contributions to the society will be fully realized.



Krishna Lamichhane