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Public Private Partnership (P3) Program 


In an aim to rebuild our motherland, in the aftermath of devastating Earthquake of 7.8 Rec Scale on Saturday, April 24t h, NST Executive Committee decided to utilize the fund collected in the account Earthquake Victim Fund 2015. After careful analysis of various aspects and to create a legacy of NST for our nation, the finance committee made by NST unanimously passed to build schools in various earthquake affected area. Furthermore, to maximize the fund and the public participation, the 8th executive committee of NST establishes the Public Private Partnership Program (P3).

NST asks for written proposals from Nepali diaspora residing in USA in written format, the notice of this motion will make public through its media resources. The interested private party (person, group of people or social organization) has to provide written proposal to P3 committee. The proposal will be accepted in first come first serve basis.  

The interested private party in its proposal, should mention the name of the school, its description including its complete address and estimated budget required to rebuild. Furthermore, the party should be agreed to deposit $15K in NST account if it wants to match the fund. NST will not be able to match the fund if private party deposits more than 15k in its account.

Download the detail info on P3

Proposals to be sent to:

Finance Committee Earthquake

Relief fund


Timeline of the mission


A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal early on Saturday, centered 10 miles below the surface leveling buildings throughout the country and triggering deadly avalanches on Mount Everest. The Nepalese government placed the preliminary death toll of the quake more than 7600, but the final number is expected to climb significantly higher.

Nepalese Society, Texas (501-C, a nonprofit organization) has launched a rapid response to ensure food, water, medicine and volunteer reaches those in need. It has already formed a  special committee partnered with local volunteer organizations, student organizations and individuals to ensure the donation received are delivered through the major humanitarian relief organization on the ground.

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Timeline of our relief effort

Apr 28/29, 2015

NST initiated the fund raise program and requested various communities in DFW to support the relief mission with items that were immediately required to help the victims. Various communities responded overwhelmingly and we started receiving relief items and monetary support.

Our volunteers helped us day and night to organize the items and create appropriate packages to be shipped to Nepal.

Some highlights:



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Apr 30, 2015

The team arrived at Kathmandu Airport on Apr 30th, 2015.

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May 2nd, 2015 (Day 1)

The medical team spent in Falbari Gaau & Danchhi.

-Narrated by Bhanu (Through Viber - at night)

  • Today our team broke into two groups. Logistic team stayed in central office to make future plans, mange inventory, purchase necessary items and ways to support volunteers working on the field.
  • Medical teams visited different parts of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur area and they served over 100 people. The medical team mainly served at Danchi, about 20 KM east to Kathmandu.
  • Logistic support team moved the inventory to the central office which was initially stored at police office.
  • Based on our assessments it was realized that people needed food and tents more than the medical help. Therefore the team decided to place the order for 2500 tents to be delivered within 4 days.
  • Tomorrow few people from our team are going to Gorkha to review the situation and understand the current need. We are aiming to go to gorkha Wednesday. Mean time, our whole team will be going to Tupche tomorrow morning at 6 am.
  • Tupche is in nuwakot. As per Hafa international, ovwr 90% of houses were destroyed in this area. People  need tents, food and medical attentions there. Hafa international have tents and food but no locals to help them. Also they don't have medical team. We are going to team up with them since we have got medical supplies with us.
  • Our plans and service areas keep changing as it deems necesasry, based  on situations we get briefed on . We are going wherever our help is needed the most. If the situation demand we will stay one more day in Tupche else we will be head Gorkha directly after serving one day in Tupche.
  • One more thing ... I forgot to mention how people are happy to see us here. They really appreciate our team and wants to work with us. Local doctors, nurses, and local volunteers want to join us in this efforts. We have just ordered 100 NST T-shirts that we would like to give to our local volunteers. They are providing great support to us and our missions.
  • If anyone or any organization wants to join us or need any help, our central command office can provide lots of support such as  arranging airport pickups, hotel, inventory purchase at local market,  contact with local leaders and volunteers, inventory storage and delivery etc. One of our goals has been to build local teams who can continue to work and assist other volunteer groups as well. So, if anyone is interested to come to Nepal, they can contact us.

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May 3rd, 2015 (Day 2)

The team served in Tupche, Nuwakot, in partnership with Heifer International, for a medical camp. Later, majority of folks left for Gorkha and some came back to Kathmandu. The Gorkha mission is mainly to distribute food packages to some 700 families.

-Narrated by Taylor White (Through Facebook - in the morning)

Today, we will be serving in one of the hardest hit areas between Dhading & Nuwakot called Tupchha that has yet to be reached by relief aid. We are teaming with an organization called Heifer International to set up a medical camp with other physicians & medical personnel. We will also be distributing tents & other basic survival needs.

-Narrated by Bhanu Kharel (Through Facebook - after they come back from Tupche, Nuwakot)

We were able to provide medical support for over 200 people in very remote place . It took us 6 hours to get there. Yes this included 2 miles of walking as one of our truck could not go there as road condition was really bad. While we were providing medical services, Heifer international was distributing tents in the same area.

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Some heart touching pictures

This little boy lost his father in the disaster

People collecting tents provided by Heifer international volunteers

What could be worst than this! Our volunteers helping the community.

 Taylor White and the team helping the community

Team helping remove the rubble

Heifer International's Trucks ready to leave. NST worked with the organization.


May 4th, 2015 (Day 3)

  • Three teams were created, Arughat by Gouri Joshi, Muchuk by Bhanu Kharael and Melamchi by Kamal Satyal.
  • Arughat:
  • Gouri Joshi team of 6 members distributed 4 trucks of materials that included rice, blanket, & other food items.
  • One police and one armed force escorted us to the place.
  • We were stopped two places on the way as people were so desperate for relief packages. We had to some items at these places as well.
  • We distributed 2 tons of relief materials to about 600 families.
  • Group of few local doctors from Chitwan Medical also joined in the mission to Gorkha.

-Narrated by Taylor White (Through Facebook - at night)

Gorkha was the epicenter of the devastating earthquake & because of the remote location, steep cliff sides, and treacherous roads, it is next to impossible to reach. Some of the hardest hit villages are only accessible via helicopter. For this reason, providing aid to villages in Gorkha is very important to us. Our destination for this day was a very poor village in Gorkha called Muchhowk Dalit Tole.

We began our day loading huge military trucks with hundreds of bags of rice, beans, & other foods. We also packed enough equipment & blankets to provide shelter to the hundreds of villagers who lost everything. In addition to food & shelter, our team was prepared to provide medical help to those in need. The Nepalese Society of Texas was able to purchase & transport all of this equipment & so much more because of the generous donors who have so selflessly given of their hearts.

Together with the local Armed Police Forces, we sorted our supplies, packed our trucks, & began the few hour journey in hopes of providing some relief to the broken & hurting. The medical team left first traveling in a single truck with some of the members including Gyanendra & myself riding on top of the supplies in the back of the truck. It was a rough ride, but the incredible view from the side of the mountain was absolutely priceless. Many trucks with the rest of the supplies would soon follow. As previously mentioned, the roads to Gorkha are very treacherous full of twists & turns, steep drop offs, and uneven terrain, but we were determined to help this village that had yet to be reached.

When we finally reached the village, the view turned from breathtakingly beautiful to heartbreakingly devastating. As we pulled in, hundreds of apparently exhausted & hungry villagers crowded our truck desperately hoping for some assistance.

Click to browse the pictures of Day 3 (Aruhgat, Muchuk and Melamchi)

Some heart touching pictures



May 6th, 2015

Nepalese Society, Texas launched a joined mission, in association with team ANMF, medical team from US and Nepal, volunteers from Nebraska/Iowa Nepali and Bibeksheel Nepali team. Members decided to go to two different places to cover to different missions.


Mission: Agnichok VDC, Ward # 1, 2, 3, Golang Village, Dhading

The etam included Gauri Joshi, Anjan Shrestha, Niranjan Kc, Narayan Joshi and Ananta Joshi have reached Agnichok. They will be distributing food packages for over 200 families.


Mission Shekherbasi, Nuwakot

10 NST volunteers led by Prajwal Chhetri and 19 volunteers from Nepalese Medical association in America led by Dr Prabhat Adhakari and Sushil Acharya left for Shikharbasi, Nuwakot this morning. This team has reached Kharanibazar. They will camp at Shikharbasi tonight and start satellite health camp tomorrow. Team will provide health services and distribute food, tents and blankets for all villages in surrounding area.

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May 7th, 2015

Mission Samundratar, Nuwakot

Mission Nakipot, Lalitpur


Medical and Humanitarian Relief in samundratar, Nuwakot was jointly conducted by Nepalese Society, Texas, American Nepalese Medical Association and Bibeksheel Nepal.

Our volunteers provided tents and food to "The Orphanage Homes" in Nakhipot, Lalitpur. We were helped by NAG (Nepalese Association of Georgia with food and tents.

Some highlighted moments:

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May 8th, 2015

Our volunteers distributed Water Purifier, Gloves Night Lamps, Sanitary Items to 50 families in Nuwakot teaming up with ESAR (Ex- student association of RAI) and also delivered medical supplies along with Guru Kedar Baral for the victim of Okhaldunga! Our team also delivered some medical stuff for the victim of Okhaldunga through Guru Kedar Baral!

  • Food, water and sanitary items were supplied to Samari VDC ward no 2 and 4,  Nuwakot.
  • Khadka Bhangang  2, Majuwa: NST purchased and donated Justa pata worth 201000 (210 pieces) for building roof in Khadka
  • Bhangang VDC, ward number 2. It was distributed to locals by local volunteers as well as Nepal Investors forum.
  • Medical supplies supplied to Ex-students of Reliance International Academy
  • Medical supplies was provided to medical team for Majhi Gau, SInduplachowk.
  • Medical supplies was provided to Dr. Tung Nguyen team for Lamjung medical camp which is estimated to last for 5 – 6 days.
  • Medical supplies were donated to Dhulikhel hospital which was collected by Dr. Srijan.
  • Vegetables were donated to “Anath Baalbatika”, an orphanage in Bhaisipati, Kathmandu.
  • Medical items were supplied to K-Team Earthquake Relief Group
  • 4 tent, 4 first aid kit, 3 ibuprofen were supplied  to Dhulikhel hospital
  • Dr. Sandeep Bhandari and Dr. Rabi Malla from Gangalal Hospital were supplied with several medical items
  • Medical ietms were supplied to Dr. Ishan Adhikari from San Antinio, USA for Dhading Tipling, Lapa, Sertung, and Jharlang medical camp.

Some highlighted moments:

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May 9th, 2015

-Narrated by Biju Shrestha (Through Email at night, May 9th, 2015)

Majority of the folks that were the part of our first team are traveling back to USA to reunite with their families. Some are landing at DFW today, May 9th whereas some will be landing tomorrow, May 10.

In exchange, a team of 4 folks (Bal Joshi, Krishna Lamichhane, Gaurav Shrestha and Shashowt Ojha) left USA, with some medical supplies, to join the team in Nepal. Tina Escrobar, an Advanced EMT from UTA has already reached our office in Kathmandu today, May 9th. She has carried some essential medical items with her and will be helping the team on-site.

The new team led by Krishna Lamichhane and coordinated by our finance VP (Bal Joshi) will be focusing on remote areas of Kathamndu valley and Gorkha where volunteers have not been able to reach.

Tasks performed by the Nepal team are as follows:

  • Medical supplies was provided to medical team for Majhi Gau, SInduplachowk.
  • Medical supplies was provided to Dr. Tung Nguyen team for Lamjung medical camp which is estimated to last for 5 – 6 days.
  • Medical supplies were donated to Dhulikhel hospital which was collected by Dr. Srijan
  • Thakurathi team. The detail list of supplies will be made available by Dr. Thakurathi in few days.
  • Vegetables were donated to “Anath Baalbatika”, an orphanage in Bhaisipati, Kathmandu

Some heighlights:

Saging good bye to the deaprting team.

Bal Joshi and Krishna Lamichhane having Tika at Nepali Temple while leaving for Nepal.

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May 10th, 2015

-Narrated by Biju Shrestha (Through Email at night, May 10th, 2015)
  • Nuwakot Thanapati, Ward no 5: NST provided 50pcs of tent to Shyam Bhetual (9851008185) after the verification was completed by Mr. Kamal Satyal.
  • Police Club, Kathmandu: NST provided 50pcs of tent to Police club which was collected by Ashutosh Bahadur Shahi (9851111144) after the verification was completed by Mr. Niranjan KC.
  • Imadol ward no 6, Lalitpur: NST provided 43 pcs of tent which was collected by Yuvaraj Shrestha (9851107758) after the
  • verification was completed by Mr. Kamal Satyal
  • Raniban, Kathmandu: NST provided 5pcs of tent to Mr. Amir Shrestha (9813745275) after the verification was completed by Mr. Bhanu Kharel
  • Ghyang Sukathokar VDC, ward no 1 and 2, Dolkha: NST provided 100pcs of tent, masks, and nitrile gloves to Mr. Shagar Upadhyay after the verification was completed by Mr. Gouri Joshi.

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May 11th, 2015

-Narrated by Biju Shrestha (Through Email at night, May 11th, 2015)

Our second group of volunteers that left Dallas Saturday evening had arrived at Kathmandu Nepal on Sunday evening and headed toward Nuwakot Chapre Dander tole, where 45 families resides with around population of 200 people has been highly effect ever since the earthquake! With the help of the update given by our first group of volunteers we were able to provide blankets, medical assistance and medical supplies to villagers! Chapre Dander tole of Nuwakot (Tamang Basti) is one of the most worst hit by the earthquake! Thank you volunteers, doctors, EMT for your commitment and time given to this great cause, without the assistance of volunteers like you all, we can rise to meet the challenge.

Some highlights:

Click to browse the Nepal pictures of May 11

May 12th, 2015

-Narrated by Biju Shrestha (Through Email at night, May 12th, 2015)
1. Ramche VDC, ward no 8, Kavre

NST collaborated with Dr. Ishan Adhikari in providing metal roof (jasta) to 80 families at Ramche. Out of 80 family, NST supported 20 families. The team was accompanied by NST volunteers Raj

Kumar Shrestha, Ajit Pokhrel, and Asish Pant.

2. Kunchok VDC, SIndhuplachowk

NST tried to support 200 families with tent and food but due to major earthquake, the mission was cancelled and the team was returned back to Kathmandu.

3. NST office distributed more than 100 tents to local people in Kathmandu due to the major earthquake that occurred during the day.

Some highlights:

May 13th, 2015

-Narrated by Biju Shrestha (Through Email at night, May 12th, 2015)
1. Bhakunda Besi and Mathikhanda, Kavre

NST provided food and tent to the places by the help of NST volunteers Gaurav Shrestha, Bal Joshi, and Krishna Lamichhane

2. Mata Tirtha, Kathmandu

NST provided 7 tents and Medicines to Ajit Pokharel and Ashish Pant to support their area.

3. More than 15 tents were distributed by NST to the local people that needed temporary shelter due to the earthquake that occurred a day earlier.

4. Hamro Ghar Nepal

NST provided a medicine to the orphanage which had 12 children.

5. Tarkeswor, ward no 14, Kathmandu

NST provided 15 tents and a packet of mask to Kiranjung Mahat and Sandeep Mahat.

6. Sita Paila, Kathmandu

NST volunteer, Mr. Gaurav Singh Bhattarai distributed 4 tents, medicine, and 1 bag of food.

7. Chandragiri, Thankot

NST provided a medicine to Deepak Khanal to distribute to the people in need.

8. Kirtipur

NST provided 7 tents and medicine to Mamata Maharjan to distribute it to the people in need.

Some highlights:

Team 3 from USA for health camp

The medical team under the leadership of Dr. Sanjiv Shrestha from Nepalese Society of Texas carried out several medical camps at different parts of earthquake zone in Nepal. The NST team was supported by the doctors and nurses from National Dental Hospital and Gangalal Hospital.

-Narrated by Biju Shrestha (Through Email - Jun 18)

See Pictures (combined)


Some highlights:

06/12/2015: Bugmati

NST doctors and volunteers teamed with two dentists from National Dental Hospital and served approximately 250 patients. Multiple homes destroyed, people are living in tents. The need is acute!

06/13/2015: Harisiddhi

Medical team was able to serve 315 patients. We treated a boy with fish hook in his hand and a man with crush injuries. The stories are sad. People are sleeping in tents in the fields.          

06/14/2015: Thali, Sankhu

Nepalese Society of Texas Medical and Dental a Camp in Thali near Sankhu was held at Miniland Secondary School. Approximately, 324 patients were treated with the help of many volunteers: Dr. Mustafa, U.S., Doctors from Kathmandu hospital Dr. Tamang, Dr. sanjeev and two other doctors, many nurses, Betty Adhikari, Michelle Reeve, Dentists Dr. Prapti, many dental assistants. Thank you all for being part of the team and touching so many lives and helping the people in need!!

06/15/2015: Hanumanghat, Bhaktapur

Medical and Dental camp was held at Sooryodaya Secondary School at Hanumanghat, Bhaktapur. It was a small village where whole neighborhood was totally destroyed. In the camp, we treated 415 patients.

06/16/2015: Kakani, Nuwakot

Nepalese Society of Texas, Medical and Dental Camp were held at local school in Kakani, Nuwakot. The school building was marked as a unsafe building but still we used the building for the medical camp. We treated approximately 250 patients. We did educational program of dental hygiene and hand washing for all the school children. Educational Hand washing program by Dr. Pramod Khanal and dental hygiene by Dr. Prapti.

06/17/2015: Bhattidanda, Dhulikhel

Nepalese Society of Texas Medical and Dental Camp was held at Bhattidanda, Dhulikhel in a temporary tent. We were able to treat approximately 120 patients and we did an educational program of dental hygiene and handwashing for all the school children at Himaljyoti Community School.

06/20/2015: Mission Borlang (Gorkha)

We had a team of 30 team members (12 international and local doctors, 3 dentists). Om hospital partnered with us, they provide their own logistics except meals. The crew saw 860 patients altogether.




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