Oath taking and handover ceremony - Jan 13, 2018

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2018 08:16pm

Updated on: January 03, 2018 (Wednesday) @ 8:00 pm


Dear community members,

As you all know that on December 22, 2017, Final result of NST Election 2017 was announced.

Among the successful candidates who were elected are as follows: For President - Suman Thapa,

For Vice President- Vacant, For General Secretary – Bhakta (Bob) Bhandari, For Deputy

General Secretary- Dr. Parshuram Dahal, PhD, For Treasurer- Amit Sharma, For Deputy

Treasurer- Ravi Rawal, For Woman Coordinator- Aisha Ojha, For Youth & Student

Coordinator - Bimala Shradha Shrestha, For Executive Members - Govinda Dhakal, Nab Raj

Nath, Nabin Koirala, Prayash Bastola, Rajib Rajbhat, Sabindra Thapa.


First of all, on behalf of NST Election Committee 2017, we would like to congratulate all the

elected officers and executive members. We would also like to thank and congratulate all the

nominees for your successful participation on the election process even though actual voting

process didn’t take place. And of course, please accept our sincere appreciation to the outgoing

officers and executive members for the successful tenure.


At this time, we would like to invite you for “Oath taking and handover ceremony” on January

13, 2018 at 3pm @ NCSC hall located at 2016 W. Grauwyler Rd, Irving, TX, 75061. We hope to

see you on this occasion.


Thank you.


NST Election Committee 2017

Baikuntha B Thapa, Chair

Binod Yogi, Member

Mahendra Poudyal, Member

Niraj Shrestha,Member

Dr. Prem Adhikari, Member